I can’t wait for vacation.  I am leaving to go to California soon.  Before then I will be working with this pest control company which is located in Miami , Gardens Florida.  They have hired me to do some work for them in the area of creating a training manual.  They have also hired some other companies as consultants.  

If you need high quality pest control you might want to consider them—of course you have to live in the Miami area.   They do a lot of good work and I’m quite pleased with them and the owner and how he has treated me.

He has been polite and respectful.

I think they will do a good job in growing their business to the next level!

I give up! Pest Control Irvine, California

I was having an issue with one of my rental properties lately.  I own several of them and finally had it up to here!  Whether it was calls about spiders, or fleas, or ants.  One of them even brought bed bugs into my rental property and they are a nightmare to get rid of.

So, I asked around with all my friend to find who a good exterminator was in the Irvine, California area.  I had two of my well respected friends tell me that this company was a good pest control irvine company.

I gave them a call and got good, polite service of people who were friendly and ready to assist me and answer my questions.  I am happy to report I plan on using them again!

Thank you!  If you need a pest control company in Irvine, call these people!